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Mission Statement:

Our goal is to promote, foster and encourage interest in and an appreciation of the sport of lacrosse throughout the community of Londonderry, NH.


The purpose of Londonderry Youth Lacrosse is to encourage the players to participate to the best of their ability.  Each child will be treated with respect and dignity by all adult volunteers within the organization.  (If a coach or volunteer finds themselves in a position that they cannot meet this standard they must adjust their actions, or remove themselves from their position.)

Each child will be taught the game of lacrosse and will be given the opportunity to practice these skills both at practice as well as during game time.  Coaches will be given tools to assist them in instructing the children.

Teams that are not in the A level division are more instructional and coaches will give all players equal playing opportunities to the best of their ability.

A-level teams are more competitive in nature and coaches will determine the amount of play time based on skill, commitment of player, and safety of the player in the specific game.

Coaches will strive to cultivate team work, sportsmanship, and always use positive reinforcement.

Coaches are responsible to make sure the players are in full equipment based on the New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association (NHYLA) requirements.

(Each participant’s guardian has paid for and entrusted LYLA to provide their child with a positive athletic experience.  The return of every player is what we strive for.  The adult volunteers are expected to keep this in mind during the season.)

The LYLA board of directors will reinforce this philosophy to the best of their ability for the good of the players, and the sport of lacrosse.