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NHYLA - Equipment Update
NHYLA News - 2020 Lacrosse Equipment Update
Girls Lacrosse Goggles
Beginning January 1, 2020, ALL girls YOUTH lacrosse goggles MUST be SEI certified AND have the “SEI mark for certification”. (see link below).  NOT all youth lacrosse goggles in the stores will have this certification. It is very important for youth coaches and player’s families to invest in the girls lacrosse goggles with the SEI mark for certification. Please pass this on to your families.
As NHYLA lacrosse coaches ‘certify to officials all players are properly equipped to play a NHYLA lacrosse game’ at the beginning of each game, the proper equipment is the responsibility of the coach. (High School players must ave SEI certified goggles found on the list - but are not required to have the SEI mark for certification until 2025).
US Lacrosse Statement regarding SEI eyewear:
AND the current LIST of SEI Certified EYEWEAR:
Lacrosse Chest Protectors (boys and girls goalkeepers)
Beginning January 1, 2021 - ALL goalkeeper chest protectors must be ‘designed for lacrosse’ and MUST be NOCSAE certified (ND200). While this change is not effective until January 1, 2021, there are NOCSAE chest protectors currently available in the marketplace with the SEI/NOCSAE mark that is required beginning next year. Chest protectors are a big investment and if you are investing in a new chest protector in 2020, purchasing a chest protector with the SEI/NOCSAE marking would be the best investment. 
Boys Field Player Lacrosse Padding
Beginning January 1, 2022 - All boys field players are required to wear shoulder pads\chest protection that are 'designed for lacrosse' and MUST be NOCSAE certified (ND200).
US Lacrosse Chest Protector Information/Flyer:

by posted 02/17/2020
Spring LAX Registration Open
Spring LAX Registration – CLOSES SOON
Registration for the spring 2020 lacrosse season closes soon…………
It’s not too late to register – details can be found  -  HERE

by posted 02/17/2020
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